[May 30] Greetings from Rogal // Poppick // Pearl // Millstein // Spotless Leopards

To All the Children Of Spring That Have Not Yet Sprung & Then Some,   

And even to those who feel they've Sprung their last Spring - ho! You've got more left in that poetry machine than you know & nothing can put a flower tiger in your tank like some open air Spring in the World of Poor Mutts like some just right or wrong poetry can, so don't stay home & eat that leftover corn-dog alone- bring ye over to the delightful basement / backward of enigmatic realization & imbibe the night's spirit with us at Unnameable Greetings Readings. for the penultimate installment of Unnameable Greetings this  Thursday, May 30th, @ 7:30 pm featuring four poets & music: (please note earlier 7:30 meet - n - greet time in order to respectfully mind the neighbors' wish to have a crowd free space from 10 pm on - which means we'd like the first poet to go on as close to 8pm as possible & do our best to finish up by 9:30 so we can have a lil' hang time before departing to establishments possibly nearby  Now ya'll be aware that Mother Natural is calling for lovely rain & perhaps a few bolts of Zeus - which means we be gathered down below closer to Vulcan's stithy where we can get cozy with the built in library sensation awaiting us... 

Lisa Rogal - treads lightly in verse that at first feels floating then drifting then anchors us into clouds that are really masses of land we passed through not knowing where we were going until we got there & then by gum we were there & a pleasant sensation passed through us where it remains till this day like a smile we take out in the rain

Rachel Pearl - shhhh... Rachel is almost here.... she'll be here soon...you'll know her when she walks in... her voice will carry beyond her.... it is the voice you will know... the pages of pomes that walk out of her... the city in disguise... there once was a poet... & now there is too... & know you will hear her... & she will hear you 

Denise Milstein  - islands of fire surround her... the tale travels & so too the pome... where too?... where now?... who go?... why you ask?... what you say?... hit.. the... road?... or stay, sit & contemplate the neat rip in time you've made as Denise's verse takes a needle to the mess & sews it up only to have her lines bust the seams & pour forth like a biker scorning data for the whipping wind

Dan Poppick  - pops that top, pilfers the pedagogy of poetry, ponders period pieces then peels a pear without so much as a lazy adjective, pronto! poof! per annum, no no no - try daily! through a praxis of time-delayed performance, placed periodically on pivotal shelves, unlike the Po-po-police, not preening but productive, nothing out of the ordinary prurient but provoking nonetheless a pointed effort, not puritanical mind you but freedom inducing - like a drug you didn't know you needed till it opened the door inside you.  

Also on the bill - most likely strumming up a mood to set the meet & greet on its lively ear, dear, will be the return of the Greetings House Band OAE posing as SPOTLESS LEOPARDS recent escapees from mad King Leopold's deadly Congo catastrophe we'll be soothing souls of all traumatized Trumpe l'oeil victims who still have trouble believing that Trump actually exists in his present unreal-all-too-real form.

So hope to see you at the Unnameable Books, 600 Vanderbilt Ave, near the corner of St Marks in burgeoning Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Meet n' Greet begins at 7:30 pm to be followed shortly thereafter by performances 8:00=ish. In what's left of the white stone backyard we'll be, (Tho it may be cold rainy thundery blurry & / or hairy) but if the weather does indeed turn inclement there's the snug book-lined basement. Either way the event is free. Listen for the drum then strum.

X's to Your O's
Jeffrey Joe 

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