[May 16] Greetings: Marinovic // Galperin // Wang // Dan Veksler Experience

 It's Greetings! 

Poetry & Music with:

Filip Marinovic
Rachel Galperin
Sarah Wang
the Dan Veksler Experience 

Thursday May 16th @ 7:30pm

To Lovers, feathers, leathers, moons, deep-dishes, mountains, geldings, serenes & so forth 

Rain rain rain! Great for the garden, good for the gin, not so ideal for a poetry reading in the garden - but it's oracled to be mid Sixties to low Seventies (with only a 10% chance of...) so let's plan on being outside to observe the observable phenomena of poetry & prose - word at work working us over in to find the out door inside the Herculean chesthouse  & valleys of bodies, to put it more simply, this is the time when we dear sirs & sirettes, lambs & lambies, gals, galimyds & goldenrods, when we are alive, so come & imbibe the night's spirit with us at Unnameable Greetings Readings. for for the 2nd of 3 May installments of Unnameable Greetings this  Thursday, May 16th, @ 7:30 pm featuring four poets & music: (please note earlier 7:30 meet - n - greet time in order to respectfully mind the neighbors' wish to have a crowd free space from 10 pm on - which means we'd like the first poet to go on as close to 8pm as possible & do our best to finish up by 9:30 so we can have a lil' hang time before departing to establishments possibly nearby  

Filip Marinovic - Wakes up & sniffs around: yep someone has schat in his cereal again! Those pesky squirrels don't know when to leave a werewolf librarian, sunlighting as a merman realtor alone.  He shakes the beardo & asks the tiny people living atop the towers of books in his abode if they'll open up their tiny hearts & they do, till his pomes swell with their prophecies, observations & ventilations from fears to love goo - 

Rachel Galperin- As she enters the script a door left ajar by a grip opens further; oddly all the notes have been removed from the furniture, walls, equipment & tchotchkes; how will she know which way to turn, what coffee cup to pick up, what stone to overturn? & yet she does, & you to, will & do as the pace is set, your non-scripted steps pick up, climbing through the pink & grey passages of a house set perfectly within the tale 

Sarah Wang - bombs the house... kidnaps Hollywood... frees the anus... skates 3rd rail... unbinds feminism... murders crimes... reports from dogface... mail orders temporality... performs karaoke newspapers... pushes beirut night.... shelters shapelessness... newly norms the artist formerly known as hey zeus... ich bin ein 29 memory plants      

Dan Veksler  - let me tell you about potentates... about sultans in velvet... about the camels of the Georgian mountains (1st of all they're not really camels)... about serge d'beouf, au contrair .... about canines without molars but plenty of bicuspid... about soil erosion & soul ....about dimension ...about flow of verbiage across the river stash ... about both apples & oranges ...about how you get to decide which tastes better, the pudding or the green tea... ah! 

So hope to see you at the Unnameable Books, 600 Vanderbilt Ave, near the corner of St Marks in burgeoning Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Meet n' Greet begins at 7:30 pm to be followed shortly thereafter by performances 8:ooish. 
In what's left of the white stone backyard we'll be, (Tho it may be cold rainy) but if the weather does indeed turn inclement there's the snug book-lined basement. Either way the event is free. Listen for the drum then hum.

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