Used Book Buying Policy

Our buying hours are 12pm-5pm on weekdays, and 1pm-6pm on weekends. We do not accept donations, anything you bring in that we do not want will have to go back with you. Please call ahead of time if you have more than two tote bags of books you wish to sell. Do not email us photos of books. If for any reason we are not buying our usual hours, we will post on Instagram to let people know. Please check there before coming in to make sure we are buying. If there is no post, we are buying our normal hours. Thank you!


Dear Buds of New Life:

Remotely Personal Greetings is hosting its season opener for its first remote event of the Spring 2021 season. We've been living in the new year now for 3 months and after a 4-year long Winter it feels like Spring is finally here. So if you've got the time & the notion split a rock, explore the margins, dig the truth & drink in some kulture by tuning into these 3 fresh voices as we move out of the claustrophobic past and into the feeling free fuuuture Thursday, March 25th at 8:30 PM EST ( 7:30 CST, 6:30 MST, 5:30PST, 4:30AST, 3:30 HST) 

Purvi Shah  Is a charter member of the sunshine brigade who’s messages personal & professional often sing across the screen as if a songbird inhabited the space between reading & knowing, between hearing & understanding, creating a genre of empathic poetry & movement law weaving its way between ideas bigger than the mayor but like a small foldable box with the residue of pecan pie  when properly assembled can take you on a trip beyond the here & now, even while revealing the here & now as something other than you thought it was, providing new facets for the sun to reflect. 

Joshua Beckman -  Has been known to wear nice hats while he goes Salamun fishing along the many streams of knowing this world has to offer in between interpreting the changing rules of Poker and preaching the gospel of New Haven non-reality, he has come to understand that eventually all our time has come, whether viewed from a worm on the inside of an apple or the stylus of a multiphonic system after the morning oxidizes his pomes, a blue paradise may be visible like the story of your last afternoon on earth  

Sophia Dahlin -Is a bard with a hand in the bay leading out to the sea and a heal in the sweep of land flowing back eastwards to banana bread caves over Iowa fields and down the Delaware river sowing pomes & seeds of sumptuous knowing as she goes. Sophia’s pomes like her muse's heart are fearlessly wet & helplessly compelled to move us asunder as we slide into the cool mountain views of rivers & lakes & the bodies of another & another & another. 
As last Season an email detailing the Zoom log-in info will be sent to guests an hour or two beforehand. Once you log-on there will be a short wait while your email is verified. The "live" event will begin at 8:30 EST with a brief meet n' greet, followed by the convocation, leading us to the 1st reader of the evening. 

And please don't forget to support UNNAMEABLE BOOKS the amazing book store who is our live host! You can find them here at 600 Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn's Burgeoning Prospect Heights 11-7 ... 2 customers at a time or go to to purchase the latest, greatest & past books from these fantastic poets...I was just there yesterday with Jed and my oh my was it soooooo nice to be in a real bookstore looking at real books not just sugar coated confection

Feel free to forward any questions our way.
Looking forward to seeing ya'll, 

X's to your O's
Jeffrey Joe Nelson
Jed Shahar