[May 23] Michael Levitin--Disposable Man Launch

Unnameable Books welcomes Michael Levitin for the Brooklyn launch of his debut novel Disposable Man on May 23rd at 7pm

“Let me begin by telling you about the time my great aunt Josephine wrote a postcard to Albert Einstein asking him to save her life.” Thus begins this debut novel about American journalist Max Krumm, a grandson of Holocaust survivors who has returned to his ancestral city of Berlin to bury the ghosts that still haunt him. A multigenerational novel woven into the backdrop of revolutionary Russia and Nazi Europe, "Disposable Man" tackles enduring themes of loss, male identity and the search for meaning. Levitin’s story about one man’s attempt to come to terms with history is also a story about modern men in search of themselves. Holding up a mirror to Gen X and millennials, it explores today’s generation of stalled, disposable men as it follows Krumm on a rambling journey east through Poland into Lithuania where he attempts to uncover a family secret and, in the process, regains his manhood.

Michael Levitin was born in Maine (USA) in 1976 and grew up in Northern California. He received a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Masters degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. From 2004 to 2009, Michael worked as a foreign correspondent in Berlin covering politics, culture and climate change. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, TIME, Newsweek and other publications. Michael was co-founding editor of the Occupied Wall Street Journal and founding editor of the Prague Literary Review. He lives in Berkeley, California.

More info at http://www.michaellevitin.com/

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