[May 8] Feral Voices: The Other Brooklyn Reading Series VII

Our next event is Wed. May 8th at 7 PM, just two days before your host's 30th birthday! It has also been half a year since I started these monthly nights, and I am slightly proud of myself and everyone who has helped me along the way. So I'm inviting some old friends and FV contributors to return and share in a collective celebration of these small achievements and milestones. Please come to help us celebrate and listen to some wonderful poems and stories from a collection of talented, local writers.

Feral Voices is a new monthly reading series that focuses on celebrating a selection of writers who work and struggle outside of the typical institutions of the writing community.

A night for those who work one or more "day jobs," but have a voice to share that goes against the grain or upends capitalist, patriarchal understandings of the label "author."

If your writing is proactively weird, if you are part of a marginalized group, and/or if you struggle with the financial insecurity that stems from pursuing writing outside university funding or published manuscripts then submit your work to feralvoicesreadingseries@gmail.com. We accept short stories, poetry, essays, plays, scripts, novel excerpts, and anything genre-bending and mind-altering.

Join us in an event hosted by T. A. Stanley at Unnameable Books. Come to share, read, listen and build something new!

For more information about Feral Voices: https://tastanley.com/feralvoices or message me on FB. If you want to submit to be a reader please send any poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc to feralvoicesreadingseries@gmail.com. Submissions are always open!

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