April 4 Greetings Reading

Most Malodorous Times, Most Pan-eclectic folk - Once again, the Winter is about to give way to Spring. Spring that shall thaw & bring back much needed Vitamin D. So through these Winter squalls we've arrived at a new Spring Season for Unnameable Greetings Readings. Our opener this Thursday, April 4th, features three poets & music: Andrea Abi-Karam - Whose pomes know both Bay & Brooklyn, all-seeing eye & private eye, flesh & wire, as they take us from trauma to transformation of a nation besieged by the patriarchal ethos of rabid consumption & dominance at any cost - don't worry, A.A.K reconfigures the boss! Rachael Guynn Wilson - knows something about poetry organisms & the places people penetrate like tunnels punctuating the skyline or a drive into & out of the horizon, smashing the prison system with a pome. Anastasios Karnazes - understands that poets are like cyclotrons in their ability to break & then remake energy, time & the words we use to articulate such as "time mechanics" who can pop images as readily as dentists pop teeth. Downtown Girls - features members of the Wyld Butter, Ghost Shepherds & Other Ark who take their electric-acoustic improvisation germ into the the air & watch it germinate into an aural flower. So hope to see you at the Unnameable Books, 600 Vanderbilt Ave, near the corner of St Marks in burgeoning Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Meet n' Greet begins at 8pm to be followed shortly thereafter by performances 8:30ish. In what's left of the white stone backyard we'll be, but if the weather turn inclement there's the snug book-lined basement. Either way the event is free. Listen for the drum then hum. X's to Your O's Jeffrey Joe

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