Un name able Greetings Readings SPRING 2019 Season

What does it mean to Spring forth? Green as the Bard says. Gold the painters. Nothing or no one. Each & every one. Glenn Gould greed. Nothing mean. Both this & that. Bricks. The 20th season. Really. So what. Some say the 21st? A Spring can be a thousand years. Maiden, Bankhead, Robeson, Muse... & lovers of, please note the Lineup, often (but not always) on alternating Thursdays, taking place at Unnameable Bokes, 600 Vanderbilt Ave., near the corner of St. Marks, in burgeoning Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. All events start at 8pm with a meet n’ greet. Performances begin 8:30ish in the white rock stone garden or according to the whims of the weather, in the comfortable book-lined basement. All events are free. March 21st: Karen Lepri, Madeleine Braun & Peter Bushyeager with music by Other Ark April 4th: Rachael Guynn Wilson, Anastasios Karnazes & Andrea Abi-Karam with music by Downtown Girls May 2nd: Alexis Ameida, Marisa Crawford, Nathaniel Farrell & Colby Somerville with music by The Superintendents (hopefully) May 16th: Sarah Wang, Rachel Galperin, Filip Marinovic & the Dan Veksler Experience May 30: Lisa Rogal, Denise Milstein, Rachel Pearl & Dan Poppick with Spotless Leopards June 13th: Kelsa Trom, Matt Longabucco, Marie Buck & Amy Matterer with Other Arc Ensemble Thank you all so much for your gracious support of Unnameable Greetings Readings in the past! Hope to see as many old & new faces during this upcoming season. If any other information is needed please email Jeffrey Joe Nelson: jeffreyjoenelson@gmail.com or Jed Shahar: jedshahar@gmail.com

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