[March 21] Greetings (Lepri/Braun/Bushyeager/We Are Already Dead)

Most Wondrous Times, Most Excellent folk -

Once again, the Winter is about to give way to Spring. Spring that shall thaw & bring back much needed Vitamin D. So through these Winter squalls we've arrived at a new Spring Season for Unnameable Greetings Readings. Our opener Thursday, March 21st features three poets & music: 

Karen Lepri Whose pomes scatter odd forms of language & thinking trains to ride, legs to view, traveling through, from funk to clarity, in memory & out, observing to boomerang back in.

Madeleine Braun  she has burned much wood in her back yard & watched the smoke spiral outward past the city, blown Northward toward the border of falls, a peg in the wind.

Peter Bushyeager's private America holds something for us all, a public declaiming of the details inside the squall, an entire rabid mall tucked inside a box, kept in the bottom of a drawer in a cabinet placed in a garret made of cedar. a kingdom of its own.

We Are Already Dead features members of the Woes that like the 8-track cassette, the telegraph, carrier pigeon, & trollies (but for a few lovely exceptions) live on in some fertile reality - the members of tonight's outfit like to trip the light fantastic, albeit in slightly sepia tone, scalloped edged, cracked & creased at the corner way, where the walls crumble & the real road begins. 

So hope to see you at the Unnameable Books, 600 Vanderbilt Ave, near the corner of St Marks in burgeoning Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Meet n' Greet begins at 8pm to be followed shortly thereafter by performances 8:30ish. 
In what's left of the white stone backyard we'll be, but if the weather turn inclement there's the snug book-lined basement. Either way the event is free. Listen for the drum.

X's to Your O's
Jeffrey Joe 

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