Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group, Feb. 12, 6:30pm

Join us at the store on Sunday, Feb. 12th at 6:30pm for the first meeting of the Revolutionary Feminism Reading Group! The group will be discussing Engel's Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State. The entire reader is available here.

 More about the group:
It's not really a book club since our materials are not books per se, but rather a collection of articles, speeches and essays all available free and online. The works are compiled in the Revolutionary Feminism Reader which, as the name suggests, collates historical texts from different movements relating to the struggle for empowerment of all genders in the West. Featuring Marxist, anarchist, and other revolutionary feminist theoretical debates from the late 19th century to 1984, Revolutionary Feminism offers a foundation for thinking through capitalism and gender today. 

The reading group will meet one Sunday a month at Unnameable Books, 600 Vanderbilt Ave. from 6:30-8:30pm. The first meeting will be held on Sunday, 2/12.

All people are welcome. Participation in the group is at no cost but we ask that you contribute through your commitment to reading/thinking/discussing. If you would like to bring snacks/beverages to share, that's great too! We are also looking for partners who would like to help facilitate these sessions; ideally this role can rotate among readers. No experience is necessary for this- know that your skills are already enough. Please be in touch if you are interested in joining, co-facilitating or contributing, or connecting in any way.

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