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GREETINGS 11/3/22 7:00 P.M.


Dear Coping With New World-Old World Feelings Surge::

Please join us as our protean houseband introduces 3 wonderful poets this Thursday, November 3rd, at 7:00pm. 

Once again, Unnameable (615 Vanderbilt Ave , near the corner of St. Marks) Books is our gracious host . We'll join with the bushes, fencing, lights, concrete and avian luminaries to enjoy 3 terrific poets & the opening music of Downtown Girls with special guest Tetya Motts:

Annabel Lee:  innovation comes naturally for this titan of the small press printing & publishing world, who’s done extensive traveling in both the greater & lesser vehicle, the train that doth ride, carrying so many readers to the shores of satori & back
 John Yau Appreciates the glimmer of the ephemeral, as his pomes & prose have attested to long live life’s little moments; his poetry is as prolific as his art criticism and we heard tell he can play a mean set of drums as well

Christie Towers  drops us right into the world we left several centuries ago hoping we'd come back in a more benevolent form & whether that be true or not we'll just have to sit tight and bend our ears so that her visions travel down the auricular path to settle upon our brain

Ghost Shepherdstravel the roads between cloud & sand, grassy knoll & glass shards scattered over rough concrete of city sidewalk streets, not necessarily a sheep they herd but thoughts turned into music notes run deep down the slope past the wolf's den to pool about the base of mountains forming streams of connectivity the willing may sup from & thus become revitalized 

This event is free. The meet n greet begins at 7:00 as the band plays with the call & response of the birds. We plan to commence the series at 7:30 sharp with a quick hello, followed by the introduction to the 1st poet/ performer. 

Please keep in mind that this Thursday November 3rd calls for lots of sun (68 during the sunshine) but it will get chillier especially as the day turns to the magic hour and evening's cloak falls over our shoulders.. So don't be afraid of your Autumn Sweaters or come without shirt sleeves, the backyard does not discriminate.

There is limited seating in the new backyard (about 30 seats). There is no basement reading space - so if the weather turns to rain we will have to huddle inside - or cancel - more on that if it becomes a necessity; however the cast of the fore bodes well for night lows to mid 55's so dress as you see fit. As always we look forward to seeing old & new faces. 

Listen for the bang of the drum or the rattle-shake of the chekere. 

X's to your O's,
Jeffrey Joe

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