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Our buying hours are 12pm-5pm on weekdays, and 1pm-6pm on weekends. We do not accept donations, anything you bring in that we do not want will have to go back with you. Please call ahead of time if you have more than two tote bags of books you wish to sell. Do not email us photos of books. If for any reason we are not buying our usual hours, we will post on Instagram to let people know. Please check there before coming in to make sure we are buying. If there is no post, we are buying our normal hours. Thank you!


Dear Believers in Second Chances:
Let us gather as spring turns to summer to celebrate the passing now in all its ephemeral beauty, why just sit at home & watch paint dry when you can journey into Brooklyn's magic hour & watch the poetry get wet beneath the first blurry stars of evening this Thursday, June 9th, 2022 at 7:00pm.
Unnameable has a slightly new location (615 Vanderbilt Ave , near the corner of St. Marks) and a new backyard. We'll join with the bushes, fencing, lights & concrete to continue making a go of our new home-space, in this new spring with these 3 terrific poets & the opening music of The Ghost Shepherds:
Chuks Ndulue: Knows that a Sunday Morning Christian is more than you can hope for when 3 Cheers for the Good Guys brings the devil round the bend. Of course once you hear his pomes you'll Fall to Pieces, Busted with A Little More Time you can Take It & Go, glad to know you left the Chokin Kind behind. So don't let Too Many Rivers stand in your way of experiencing the unexpected results of Chuk’s words for yourself - & don't be surprised if On Your Way Down he picks you right up!
Emma Wippermann: has been a traveling round this planet for some time. One of her last stops was visiting razorback country where the Ozarks meet the mountains, where visions have been reported by one J of A, born anew into a vegan French Onion sloop, moving through the waters of life one oar stroke at a time, with a gusto & patience that makes each of her pomes an incredible taste bud experience.
Matvei Yankelevich - Is not one to scratch any old itch, no siree this poet, who's family struck the itch from their name long ago & only recently had to deal with the itch coming back, like a bounty hunting poetry boomerang, knows what the nose knows, that here & forever after the pome begins in Winter to be thawed in Spring and thus bloom slightly late in Summer, that golden chime ringing clear like a trumpet selecting notes with the cares of M. Dewey Davis through a Cherry Blackwell headboard.
The Unnameable Ambassadors: guide us through the second to last days of now before the burghers of the Hill displace us into patches of exburb boogieland with special trumpet guest!
This event is free. The meet n greet begins at 7:00 as the house band will be playing. We plan to commence the series at 7:30 o'clock sharp with a quick hello, followed by the introduction to the 1st poet/ performer.
Please keep in mind that this Thursday June 9th calls for rain during the day but bodes clear skies in the evening. So don't let the sight of rain early dismay ya - we gots hope for the riders to beat the clouds out to Berry town & beyond before the show starts.
There is limited seating in the new backyard (about 25 seats). There is no basement reading space - so if the weather turns to rain we will have to huddle inside - or cancel - more on that if it becomes a necessity; however the cast of the fore bodes well for nigh 50's to mid 60's so dress appropriately. As always we look forward to seeing old & new faces.
Listen for the bang of the drum.

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