Dear Citizen's On Alert:

Remotely Personal Greetings is hosting its 3rd remote event of the Fall 2020 season, and we're just in time for nerve wracking buid-up to the National Presidential election next week - will it be a day of comeuppance for our Troll of State? Will we wish we'd moved to Canada years ago? Will there be massive tectonic shifting? Well, whatever does happen next Tuesday will be something for the books and poets love books like oxygen so hopefully we'll be dancing with the muse. For the time being however lets hear what these four fantastic poets have to say about their own personal states and perhaps ours as well... so, Please take a chance this  Thursday, October 29th at 9:00 PM EST ( 8:00 CST, 7:00 MST, 6:0PST, 5:00AST, 4:00 HST) with four thrilling voices for the eve before all Hallow's Eve  that will have you,hopefully looking forward to a huge change as October burns towards a new beginning by celebrating an ending

Wanda Phipps wakes late morning in her Brooklyn pad or perhaps she’s been traveling between worlds and is in Ukraine again or in a yurt near the shores of gorgeous Lake Baikal in the Siberian hinterland. Her desires fill a field of wanting with a thousand wake-up calls transformed into used bicycle parts to form a Calder-like menagerie pedaling into the wind, traveling through time & soft space.

Jackson Meazle-  knows when you pay more for an automobile than it cost Columbus to make his first voyage to America, well, that’s politics – any dang thing can be political, ya’ll just try to use a simple word like Vertebra, and as you listen to Jackson’s pomes no one will blame you for going into an inspired secret dream or writing your own Zoom Sonnet.

Lillian Bertramknows most of would like to reverse disaster after human disaster by becoming aware of the teleportation devices inherent in your imagination and while you are at it value the intangible quality of Lillian’s pomes as you contemplate the perfect cinnamon roll hiking through the mountains of your bookshelves.

Tongo Eisen-Martin -  knows it’s not about weaponizing poetry like they weaponize children in schools but about being able to use a poem as an icepick to chip off the ice each of us, a chip of the old block, naw, but to chip off the layers of icy insulation that keep us from seeing feeling what’s really going on out there, so let new modes of thought energize you now.  

As last Season an email detailing the Zoom log-in info will be sent to guests an hour or two beforehand. Once you log-on there will be a short wait while your email is verified. The "live" event will begin at 9:00 EST with a brief meet n' greet, followed by the convocation, leading us to the 1st reader of the evening. 

And please don't forget to support UNNAMEABLE BOOKS the amazing book store who is our live host! You can find them here at 600 Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn's Burgeoning Prospect Heights 11-7 most days (but not Tuesdays)... 2 customers at a time or go to to purchase the latest, greatest & past books from these fantastic poets

Feel free to forward any questions our way.
Looking forward to seeing ya'll, 

X's to your O's
Jeffrey Joe Nelson
Jed Shahar

P.S. I know there be some letters missing from this poster and 1 or 2 need to amended entirely & while I will send an edited version out tomorrow or THurs I needs to send this one out tonite - so please forgive, keep calm, carry on & thank you in advance for your patience & understandin'

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