[June 18] Art Workers' Inquiry

As workers in the NYC's arts industry, we deal with exploitation, coercion, and extreme alienation on a regular basis. As communists, socialists, and anti-capitalists, we want to build a struggle for worker power in the arts. The first steps in that struggle are coming together and learning about where power resides in our industry. So, you're invited...

To an art workers inquiry gathering! Red Bloom has created an Art Workers' Inquiry based on the Workers' Inquiry Marx developed in 1880. The idea then and now is to use a questionnaire about working conditions both as a means of developing a record of the working class by the working class and also to use as an organizing tool. At this gathering there will be an opportunity to use the inquiry to share your working conditions and learn about those of other art workers.

Come to Unnameable Books on Tuesday, June 18 from 7-9pm to meet up with other arts workers and discuss how we can build a cross-craft, cross-media arts workers struggle. There will be drinks!

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