Red Bloom Reading Group: Marxist Feminism, What is Patriarchy? Jan 15, 2pm

Join us at Unnameable Books on Sunday, January 15th at 2pm for Red Bloom Reading Group's discussion of No Lamps, No Candles, No More Light: Patriarchy on the Left (part 1) by Eve Mitchell and Joselyn Cohn of Unity and Struggle. 

What is Patriarchy? In much of mainstream feminist discourse, it is largely assumed that the answer to this question is widely known. However, beyond particular manifestations of patriarchy and the dictionary definition of the term, in depth explanations of what patriarchy is and why it exists are largely absent from mainstream discourse. Having discovered this lack of a clear definition and conflicting understandings of patriarchy, Eve and Jocelyn in their first installment of their series Patriarchy on the Left engage different explanations of "what is patriarchy" with a historical materialist account of its reproduction today.

Find the reading here:

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