Greetings Series Thursday 11/3

Come through tomorrow at 8pm for Greetings, a bi-monthly series hosted by Jeffrey Joe Nelson.


SUZANNE GOLDENBERG from trying on the mask she just painted to chiding the golden parachutes off the backs of commodity fetish brokers, her poems & art combine an uncanny sense of space & erasure.

BECCA KLAVER A poet who ritually mixes 90's tape culture with the insides of fast cars, reducing our neo-Roman Empire to plastic ash! 

PARKER MENZIMER may have stolen his Grandmother's entire collection of fanciful Eighties sweaters but his pomes take YOU & Grandma into the land of Future Duckdom & beyond!

And the band I FEEL TRACTOR  fronted by long-time New York YEG, EDMUND BERRIGAN! so bring your friends & neighbors ya'll might just end up shakin' an ankle...

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