[June 8] Soo Yeon Lyuh w/ Rosenberg, Snyder, Roberts, Ilgenfritz

Please join us for Saturday, June 8th at 8 PM for an evening of performances by west coast musician Soo Yeon Lyuh and friends

8pm Jonah Rosenberg/Jeff Snyder/Mariel Roberts/James Ilgenfritz
8:30 Soo Yeon Lyuh solo
9pm Soo Yeon with guests (duo/trios, etc)

Soo Yeon Lyuh
is a master of the haegeum, a two-stringed Korean bowed instrument. She possesses not only flawless technique and a full command of the haegeum’s traditional repertoire, but is also widely recognized for promoting the creation of new pieces for haegeum. For twelve years, Lyuh was a member of South Korea’s National Gugak Center, the foremost institution for the preservation of Korean traditional music. Since then, Lyuh has endeavored to weave authentic styles into new musical domains, relocating to the Bay Area and drawing inspiration from its dynamic improvised music scene. Her contributions have sparked the creation of new repertoire for haegeum—the lifeblood of any instrument. She has premiered dozens of new works and recently made her debut as a composer with the Kronos Quartet.

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